What Is the Point?

I went to a funeral yesterday and since then I’ve been asking myself “What is the point?” We are born, we die, and there is that time in the middle called our life. What is the point of it all? Especially as we just end up dead with a few people attending our farewell service […]

The Joke’s On Me: I’m Not Normal!

From a very young age, I’ve been driven to prove I’m normal and that there is nothing wrong with me. I’ve wanted to prove I was like everyone else. You see my mother was officially classified as ‘not normal’ and I’ve been driven to prove to the world and myself that I’m the opposite. Years […]

The Observer Knows What I’m Committed To!

What am I really committed to?  Really? When I was married to Mike, I would have always said I was committed to him.  I would always have said Mike was the most important person in my life and my number one priority. But prior to 2008, an “observer” would not have concluded that by looking […]


Since deciding to start my life over with a blank slate, I’ve been on a bit of an exciting roller coaster. It’s an exciting and yet scary roller coater.  And even though I’ve said I’m starting over with a blank slate, where do I start?

A Blank Slate For The Second Time

When I was born, I was a blank slate. And into me was poured beliefs and my education. Along with these I also had a lot of ought to’s, should’s and, supposed to’s poured into me at the same time. And I accepted it all. I didn’t really think about alternatives. And along the way […]

Really? That’s So Woo-Woo!

Really? Who gets to live a life they love? Don’t you know how busy I am?  There’s so much to do. I haven’t got time for that. There’s work to be done, there’s chores to do, there’s bills to pay. I can’t seem to catch up. It’s endless all the stuff I have to do. […]

Figuring Out My Life Purpose

There is lots of talk about finding your life purpose. It’s a big question. It’s a deep question. It’s a complicated question. Maybe your life purpose ‘should be’ something grand. It is after all why you are here, so ‘they’ say. There’s a temptation I would think for some to come up with a ‘looking […]

You Are Stuffed!

Hello! My Name is Stuff. Buy me, buy me and you’ll be happier. Buy me, buy me and you’ll be more successful. Hey, I’m even a designer brand so buy me, buy me and you’ll be even more successful! You don’t have the money? Oh, that is no problem at all. Borrow money to get […]